We are professionals in creating Corporate Videos with voice overs and well equipped images, Videos which best suiting your Website or Social media.

Our work is to create high quality Videos to your business, website, social media marketing, and newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

  • In 2015 Marketingvideoz.com created 100+ offline Videos for clients in Europe, Asia and USA. Reaching a global audience in many different industries.
  • We have a team of 6 professional full time Video editors and effect specialists. We continuously update our team on the newest developments within Video creation and Video marketing.
  • OFFLINE we offer uniquely customized videos with powerful Storytelling and Company Branding effect. All Videos follow the AIDA model – Probably the most powerful marketing model in the World.
  • We use 100+ Professional Voice Overs and Actors. Video footage from all over the World. The latest news in effects and animation. Top professional editing.
  • Very affordable Large Scale production for education or information.
  • ONLINE we offer templates that are very affordable, with professional voice over done in 3 easy steps. No editing skills needed.
  • Many template choices – showing exactly what you can expect

We offer customized and template based Marketing Videos.

  • Professional, powerful and entertaining Video presentations on Products, Services, Companies, Websites, Mobile apps and Real Estate.
  • We also offer Video Marketing Strategies. How you rank and market your videos on Google, You Tube, Social Media, Newsletters and mail campaigns.

Get seen, clicked and connected with your clients.