In the emerging world, business promotion is not the same anymore. Marketers across the globe are constantly looking for new ways to promote their brands and business. One of the latest and effective ways for Business promotion that has emerged in recent times is using short  Videos and explanatory Videos.

According to Google’s algorithms, a Video will help you to engage in SEO. Your marketing department can come up trumps with the right animated video. It’s the easiest way to gain user engagement. There is nothing that cannot be achieved through a Video.

A Video is your opportunity to market yourself across the various platforms like social media, your own website, display advertising, email marketing. Or you can use a Video to showcase your company to your clients or to give a presentation.

By 2019, almost 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be Video, and a Video can increase your conversions by 40% and also addition to your brand’s reputation.

If a Video is still not a part of your marketing strategy, you are walking up a blind alley. So why to think more? Get your business a wonderful Video with incredible prices. If you are thinking to make any kind of Video for your business then contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.


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Punchy, Deep feelings and Tech Savvy Videoz

Vision Video_Thumnail

Customer Engagement, Click, Connect 

How do you create Videoz with maximum impact on clients you want to connect with? But with a minimum effort?

This was the challenge we gave ourselves. So, we developed the “Vision”-Video Style.

Have a look:

A “Vision”-Video puts your product/ service in a context of the development of the World. It makes you stand out as an Industry Authority. With a Vision matching the need of the hour.
Depending on the business, it can be fast straight to the point or it can slowly build deep feelings of relationship with the product/ service. See samples of both types below.

It’s created purely on Stock Video Footage we purchase from around the World. So there is a minimum of effort for our clients to get the Video content together. The extra layer of sound effects makes the viewer’s further connect emotionally.

Imagine how you could start your Video? We can help you with the rest….

Play Fast Vision Video – Technology/ Digital Marketing:

Play Slow Vision Video – Water/ Waste Water Treatment:

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Dan Hansen
CEO & Founder

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